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Seniors loving life need to take care of their health. They will need to exercise more to stay fit. A sedentary lifestyle can add to the worries of becoming too listless and tired with age. The best way to stay full of life and have the energy to enjoy it is to keep fit in order to stay healthy.

Seniors should remember that it is not too late to start. The earlier an exercise regimen is started, the better the results. Even in their 80's seniors can learn to increase their strength as well as improve body coordination with exercise. Not only that, even just some moderate exercise can have beneficial effects to seniors. With exercise, seniors will be able to obtain the energy and the zest to do more things out of life.

The best exercise program for seniors is one that is a combination of strength training and aerobic exercise. This way not only the heart function is being improved, but also the general body coordination through improved muscles. Physical exercise can also help improve flexibility as well as aid in mental functioning by helping increase the blood flow going through the brain cells. Following regular exercise in fact helps improve general body conditioning.

A typical exercise program for seniors can be a mix of aerobic and strength training exercises for about 30 minutes each. Aerobic exercise should be done alternately with strength training. This means that you do aerobic exercises on days that you do not do your strength exercise program.

An aerobic exercise program for seniors doesn't need to be that fancy. What is required is to build endurance and keep that heart pumping. The most convenient for of aerobic exercise for seniors would be walking. For those who can still do it, they can try jogging or running as their form of aerobic exercise. Engaging in sports such as swimming, tennis, golf and even dancing can help give the much needed aerobic exercise that the body needs. A typical aerobic exercise regimen can be done for 30 minutes 3 times a day.

Strength conditioning exercises involves usually seniors working with light weights and other methods. A strength workout can be composed of about 8 to 10 different exercises per workout. A typical set would involve calisthenics such as push ups and sit ups, resistance training using resistance tubes and bands and other exercises that might involve the use of light weight dumbbells. Also important to bear in mind that following such a strength training regimen may involve also giving the body sufficient amounts of rest in between. For strength training programs a 2-day rest period is essential for seniors.

An important part of avoiding injury during exercise is to include stretching into each regimen. Not only does it help prevent muscle strain and injury but may also help improve flexibility. Stretching for ten minutes each day as well as before and after exercise workouts can help a lot in improving muscle and overall body function. For seniors, loving life and keeping fit always go hand in hand.

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